Many hands make light work. We can always use help! Read below about our different departments and ways to help. Then fill out the form to get started!

First Impressions

  • When every guest walks through the door at New Life, the first face they see is our greeting team called “First Impressions.” First impressions are important. So this team is specifically chosen to make new guests and even long time members feel welcome and at home. Volunteers will be there to provide directions and answer any questions visitors or members might have.

Kidz ROC

  • Sunday School – Our incredible staff of teachers and assistants are in classes every Sunday morning teaching the children and young adults on their level. This staff rotates on a quarterly basis, and we are always in need of volunteers to teach.
  • Bus Ministry – Before Sunday School can happen, we have dedicated bus drivers and monitors assigned to routes, leaving early to pick up those who want to attend. We currently run over 4 different routes on Sunday morning and have shuttle bus running on Sunday and Wednesday evenings for those who have no ride. We are always on the look out for those who have their CDL to drive passenger buses, and monitors to ride the bus in a rotating schedule.
  • Kid’s Church – On Wednesday nights, children ages 5-12 attend a separate service, where they are taught songs to sing in the Kid’s Choir, and an interactive lesson on their level. For ages 4 and under, our staffed nursery is available with toys and a play place. Volunteers for the older group would work with the directors to prepare activities and lessons, while volunteers for the younger group would play games and monitor the nursery while providing care to the young children.
  • Mega Kid’s Church – On months that have 5 Sundays, we take Kid’s Church to a whole new level. In one service we focus on the children and the entire service is tailored to their enjoyment and learning. This event always requires many hands, whether building props, stage work, lighting, sound, acting, or even dancing. There is always a need for volunteers.


  • On Saturdays we fill up a bus with as many volunteers as we can and hit the streets armed with the good news of the gospel and an invite card. But if you think this is just about knocking on doors and handing them a piece of paper, you couldn’t be more wrong. We go to neighborhoods and play jump-rope, and other games with the kids. Making real life connections with our community while inviting them to be with us in worship. Volunteers collect names, addresses, and phone numbers of those who would like to ride the bus for them to be added to a route.


  • Band – If you play an instrument, we would love to have you audition to be a part of the band. Musicians are required to meet the platform standard, must be approved by pastor and praise & worship director, and be skilled in the instrument of their choice.
  • Praise Team – A dynamic group of skilled singers who feel singing is their calling. This team is open to audition, and must meet the platform standard, and must be approved by the pastor and praise & worship director.
  • Choir – The NLT Choir is a powerful group of singers who enjoy singing in service and at local events as well! The choir is open to all who are interested age 16 and up. Choir members must meet the platform standard.
  • Sound – Sound technicians run the house sound from the sound and media booth at the back of the church, while coordinating with the director on the stage. Volunteers must have a knowledge of sound engineering, or assistants may volunteer as a cadet to learn how to engineer sound from one of our technicians.
  • Media – Our media team is comprised of several people in a rotation who run the projector during service from the sound and media booth at the back of the church. Displaying lyrics and scripture as well as other multimedia is part of the volunteer’s responsibility along with being familiar with the music to better follow along with the song. Volunteers are not required to know the program, but must be willing to take training.
  • Production – From setting up at the beginning of every service to tearing down at the end. Lights, cameras, mics, cables, schedules… the list is endless, and the task is great. Volunteers will work directly with the service coordinator to achieve a smooth as possible service.


  • From web programming and graphic design to social media pages and photography. This team works with the director to achieve an online presence in our community and to advertise our church to the ones around us. Volunteers are needed for several different categories, including, social media administrators, web page builders, photographers, videographers, graphic designers and more.


  • Grounds the size of New Life does not keep itself up. It takes many hands to keep these buildings and grounds looking beautiful and clean. Whether you are skilled in cleaning and gardening or know how to drive a lawn mower, there’s a job for everyone.